Bryan Reeves Joins The Relationship Panel at Feminine Weapon Day Los Angeles

As we shift into an enlightenment, it's important that the voice of both the new masculine and the new feminine be heard.

Bryan Reeves, well-known as the Relationship Insights Ninja (how fitting!) and for having authored Choose Her Everyday (or Leave Her) will speak on a panel moderator by Christina Weber at Feminine Weapon Day Los Angeles on January 30th at West End in Santa Monica. 

We are grateful to have Bryan and his partner, Silvy Khoucasian, battling for greater love in the world with us!

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Trying to predict how to share what's on your mind so that the others receive it well is exhausting. My guest, Robert Schwenkler, Founder of The Brotherhood Men's Leadership Community, lovingly speaks his truth even if you don't like it. Robert, who first said no to being on this podcast, draws people towards him with his honesty and desire to do/be better. Listen as we chat about male/female friendship, transformational work, and $$$ from his home in Santa Monica, CA

A Scientific Difference between Man + Women


Oxytocin decreases females stress levels and it lowers testosterone in males which causes them to experience higher stress levels.

So when you’re exploring something new, be patient. Due to this imbalance, too much bonding too soon can cause a man to feel slightly uncomfortable, as he adjusts to this new setting.

When a male withdraws, his testosterone raises so he feels more balanced and is then likely to return happier than before.

Whereas women tend to pull away when hurt or angry - possibly because we’re not receiving the attention. We're lacking oxytocin!!

This causes disconnection. Yet with awareness, we can overcome and be more successful in our relationships.

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Lightworkers help us remove blind spots. Prior to recording this episode, I experienced a Bone and Reiki Healing session with Ssanyu Birigwa, also a Practitioner of Narrative Medicine. Listen as we recap the session. Through deep inner work, guided by the anxiety in my chest, my mindset around money and my value shifted, allowing me to step further into my power as a healer and lover. From a closet in West Hollywood, Ssanyu and I share our personal transformations and how they help us uplevel in life. 

Invitation to Chant SO PURKH in Community

Leading up the Feminine Weapon Day 2018, a group of women are reciting SO PURKH 11x a day for 40 days. 

SO PURKU is a mantra/shabad that clears up karma around men, brings out "The Man of God" in men, and is sometimes nicknamed "the mantra for love," as it can also call in your true love. 

It is extremely powerful and subtle. It can manifest a man of high consciousness into your life, as well as clear negativity and uplift communication and vibes between you and any men in your life: loved ones, family, work, etc. It can also balance women's "inner masculine."

Share in this journey with us and chant too?


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