The Movement



Feminine Weapon is evolving humanity through love and creativity.

We are Weapons of Consciousness + Light.

Calling on the feminine to lead with love, passion, and determination. By accessing feminine energy, we enhance and nurture all that is life.

The Feminine Weapon Movement is a call to action for all who believe:

  • Femininity is a gift not just for women but for everyone.

  • Feminine intuition is needed in the world, especially now.

  • Strong women and men are feminine, too. We get to be all of it because that’s how we were born.

  • It’s time for men and women to work together to end violence against humanity and the gender inequities, stereotypes and misunderstandings that perpetuate them.

Feminine Weapon sponsors a day of conversation, art and fundraising each year, known as Feminine Weapon Day where we celebrate the impact of the collective action of women while raising funds the impact the lives of the worlds most vulnerable beings.