The Day



Feminine Weapon Day is an annual day of fundraising, art and conversation for women to showcase and witness our collective impact in the world.

When we witness the power of feminine women, we ourselves evolve.

When we act as feminine women together, the world evolves.

During past Feminine Weapon Days
Eight shared computers,
Four teacher salaries paid,
And a year of education for 65 poverty-stricken children.
Plus musical programs for orphans in Nicaragua, Haiti and Costa Rica.

2018 GOAL: $30,000

Feminine Weapon Day: For the Love of Men

JANUARY 30, 2018
two cities

The Cutting Room
44 E 32nd St, New York
7:00-10:00pM EST

West End Nightclub
1301 5th St, Santa Monica
7:00-10:00PM PST


Each Feminine Weapon Day has a celebration theme that acts as a call to arms and a call to action and demonstrates the awesome, life-changing power of a gathering of soul-sisters.

In light of the emerging responses to rampant sexual harassment and assault of women across industries in America, this Feminine Weapon Day celebrates the men who get it right –

…the men who listen and change when we call them out on sexist thought and action
…the men who believe us when we tell them the truth about our experience
…the men who stand up for us when we’re under attack
…the men committed to being part of the solution

We choose to celebrate men because we know that

  • Not all men are bad or wrong.
  • Lasting solutions to gender inequality start with both women and men in conversation together.
  • Ending gender inequality can only happen if Good Men who are friends, sons, brothers and fathers are at the table as advocates and allies; leading change alongside women who’ve thrived in spite of inequity, abuse and harassment.
  • Recognizing and celebrating the bravery, courage, championship, and commitment of Good Men provides a map for men who want to do the same.

How to participate in Feminine Weapon Day 2018:

  1. Elect a Man in your life who epitomizes what it means to be “A Good Man.” 
  2. Attend the event and share your energy during discussions about new paradigms for masculinity and femininity that create more equity, understanding and mutual respect.
  3. Honor a Good Man in your life on this day. Share a photo of him on social media with the hashtags #feminineweaponday, #iamfeminineweapon and #fortheloveofmen along with your story about what makes him A Good Man. We’ll repost and share the love.
  4. Sponsor Feminine Weapon Day 2018. A full list of sponsorship needs can be found on our sponsor page.