The Orphaned Starfish Foundation


The Orphaned Starfish Foundation (OSF) is dedicated to working with orphans around the world who are victims of abuse, extreme poverty, and trafficking.  Their mission is to foster lasting change in the lives of the children by giving them the opportunity to develop vocational skills through computer technology and gain employment that will enable them to overcome the cycle of poverty and abuse. They make a difference the lives of over 10,000 children in 25 countries, America included.

  • $1,000 = teacher’s salary for the year
  • $500 = one computer
  • $120.50 = child’s year of education

ARTEAMOR is a sister foundation to OSF, founded by Dilia Stein, the wife of Andy Stein, founder of OSF. ARTEAMOR provides quality art workshops to children of The Orphaned Starfish Foundation. Arts are an outlet, a way to share self-expression and heal the near devastation situations these children have overcome. A child who learns to dance, may open a dance school or become a dance teacher. One who learns music may become a professional DJ or a music producer.