Feminine Weapon Day



Wed, January 30, 7:00-10:00pm
West End: 1301 5th St, Santa Monica, CA

Connect in union as Parents of the Universe in celebration of creation and life force energy.

Experience Los Angeles’ most talked about events:

Dance, sing, and expand beyond the logical mind with interactive performances by:

Enjoy dinner by Omar Saad of In a Pickle included with ticket purchase and cash bar.

View artwork inspired by Feminine Weapon Day’s 2019 theme #MothersoftheUniverse by Kayla Silber, Shannon Shiang, Peter Ruprecht and Rai Alexandra.

Feel all the feels while listening to Relationship Role Models, Andrew and Dilia Stein share about their work with children of abuse, extreme poverty and human trafficking as founders of The Orphaned Starfish Foundation + ARTEAMOR.

Breathe knowing that with the purchase of this ticket you are impacting the lives of the world’s most vulnerable beings - children in need of love, education and healing.

Bid on silent auction prizes like a vacation with all your friends in Dominican Republic and a romantic trip to Cancun! Buy raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes donated by community.

Dress for celebration and as you’d like to be introduced. Wear comfortable shoes to allow ease in movement. You’ll have the option to take them off.

100% of net proceeds benefit The Orphaned Starfish Foundation + ARTEAMOR.

You are a Mother of the Universe.
You are a Father of the Universe.
WE are the Parents of the Universe.

Learn more about Feminine Weapon and the children we support at: feminineweapon.com.

501(c)3 tax-deductible donations to support the children and our efforts may be made here.

tickets available on deepen

Explore Feminine Weapon Day 2018

Images by Sean Jamar Rhinehart, Robert Payes and Eddie Cheaz.

Images by Sean Jamar Rhinehart, Robert Payes and Eddie Cheaz.

New York City // Photo gallery

Through the heart, we transform. We share our feelings. We respect differences. And we welcome both into the conversation without judgment or a desire to benefit for the self alone. Social activist, bell hooks, often wrote about love as the means to ending domination. Through Feminine Weapon Day NYC, attendees we're led in heart opening exercises, connecting with those who shared the in experience.   View Album →

Images by Nick Nakahara.

Images by Nick Nakahara.

Los Angeles// Photo gallery

More than anything, we want to live in a world where all humans commit to healing and empowering one another through conversations and relationships that invite authenticity, balance, mutual respect and, more than anything, love. Our LA celebration ignited movement, dance and a sense of openness. One man shared, "I've never met so many amazing women, willing to engage, in one place."  View Album →

Exhibit photographers Manuela Rana and Nico Nelson.

Exhibit photographers Manuela Rana and Nico Nelson.

#fortheloveofmen exhibit

We have a theory that one of men’s core drivers is to make women happy. And one of women’s deepest desires is to fully and passionately love men with an undefended heart. Through the Feminine Weapon 2018 exhibit, we showcased our love of Good Men. Elected by friends, family, and significant others, women shared what makes these men so amazing. The contrast of feminine words and a masculine image, showcase the beauty of our polarity.  View Exhibit →

Hosted by David Matos.

Hosted by David Matos.

Facebook live in NYC

We caught nearly all of the best moments of our New York show on Facebook Live. Check out performances and words of wisdom by Syndee Winters, Malik Yoba, Ssanyu Birigwa, Carrie Manolakos, Shaun Derik, Chelsea Trescott, Amy Doran, Anthony David Adams, LORENA, Suki Sohn, John O'Connor, Tony Black, and Todd Caldwell!  Watch Videos →

Article by Christina Weber.

Article by Christina Weber.

article: Men and Women Need One Another to Learn How to Love with Increased Authenticity and Respect

We have to build what happens post #metoo together and stop letting our only communication with men be “you’re doing it wrong.” Except for the outliers, I believe the majority of men’s problematic behaviors with women are happening unconsciously through generational programing and teachings (or lack thereof) as opposed to consciously acting inappropriately.  Read Here →