Meet Ssanyu Birigwa, Boner + Reiki Healer and Narratologist

My parents instilled in me the power of prayer, faith, meditation and visualization. As a competitive swimmer from the age of twelve, both in Kenya and the US, I suffered with chronic eczema. Having tried everything from natural remedies to prescription creams nothing seemed to rid me of this painful and ugly skin rash. As I grew older, I realized this rash was a symptom of what was going on inside. I was convinced that if I believed I was healed, then I was healed. It was the practice of mind over matter.  This was the start of my personal journey into self-healing.

I learned to self-heal through practice of prayer and meditation. My mother, my first guruji, taught me the importance of faith and prayer from the time I was just a thought in her mind. Having faith that I could rid myself of feeling sick was a powerful step towards my journey of self-healing. With practice, faith and guidance from tremendous healers,  I am strengthening my belief system that anything is possible – even what seems to be the impossible.

Throughout my twenties I experimented with various forms of healing – some worked, but many did not. As soon as I went back to the ‘basics’ – the basic tenants of forgiveness and asking the Universe/God for guidance that which my mother taught us girls (I have two sisters) – I opened myself up to receiving the love I deserved and allowed myself to see myself as love.

I consider my ancestral medicine of Bone Healing and the energy practice of Reiki to be a gift in my life that is to be shared. My purpose as a light worker is to share the tools of self-healing which I believe is the ultimate practice of self love. 

I bring to the Reiki Shaman practice a blend of mindfulness from Usui Reiki Ryoho and the devoted study of sacred texts. Influenced by spiritual rituals and practices from both of my parents' cultures here in the US and Uganda. Enhanced by continual studies with various esteemed energy practitioners from around the world, I feel blessed to share my love and gratitude for living in the moment; with an open heart and mindfulness of Luminous Being.

With a strong belief that we are all self-healers, I share the tools of self-healing, through the practice of bone healing, narrative medicine and mindfulness meditation to break free from fear and anxiety.

Join me on a journey of empowerment and experience the art of living through mindfulness and letting go and letting love.

With an open heart and mindfulness of Luminous Being.