Awakened Love with Sarah and Kendra in Costa Rica

Retreat with your loved one on April 14th to 19th in the magical jungle town of Nosara, Costa Rica. We will spend 6 days building a deeper level of connection and intimacy while indulging in healthy food, beautiful sunsets, yoga, meditation, breath work, and experiential exercises to help connect you to each other and your heart's truest desires.

During this jungle retreat, you will dive into understanding and empathizing with each other on a deeper level - mind, body, and soul. The work we will do together is different. It’s deeper. It’s personalized. We will help you uncover and break free from patterns and unconscious beliefs that are guiding your behavior and creating unwanted results in your life and relationship so you can build a more conscious and intentional love. This work can help you rebuild intimacy and trust that may have been lost or bring what is already present to a higher vibration.

Not only will you connect on a new level, but you will also learn tangible tools that will support your continued progress and result in real, lasting change when you return to your lives at home.

Join us in this beautiful space to find passion, inspiration, and strengthen your bond with your partner - it is time to awaken your LOVE. Register here!