Me Too AND For The Love of Men

As we're in the production for Feminine Weapon Day, working to create an event to show love to good men, we feel it's important to share why now. 

#MeToo is important and sexual assault is not something to be celebrated. Period. It’s a serious issue that’s finally coming to light after many years of women suffering in silence. #TimesUp. 

And, at the same time, there’s another experience that’s important as well, which is celebrating the men who uplift, support, and honor us as women. That is what Feminine Weapon Day is about – honoring the men who choose to respect women rather than harm them. Because those men exist.

One movement, one expression, one experience doesn’t counteract the other – they’re both important and they can co-exist.

It’s not EITHER Me Too OR For the Love of Men. It’s BOTH Me Too AND For the Love of Men.