An Invitation to Partner on Your Vision

Who do you want to be? What do you want to create?
In partnership with Feminine Weapon and our board network of coaches, speakers, healers, and entertainers, we help you achieve your desires. Our only rule, is that your vision and your relationships must positively impact the world. 


Relationship consulting

Our wholeness depends on relationships. The relationship between the feminine and masculine is consciously shifting to allow for greater harmony. As step further into our authentic selfs, we'll regain trust and deeper faith in connection and love. 

Consulting may help you navigate the dating process, heal wounds, and align with your souls desires to help you achieve "success" in relation to others. 


vision realization Coaching

Creation is within all of us. We all have the ability to positively impact the world. Together we'll help you to further understand yourself, your strengths, and how you may build the greatest support network to realize your vision. 

No one needs coaching, yet everyone can benefit from its guidance. We provide you with powerful introductions to make sure you continue moving forward with every step taken. 


event production

Our zone of genius is bringing the most amazing humans together through unique experiences. We work with brands, non-profits and individuals to drive awareness and resources to those who are helping our world to become a better place. 

In collaboration we'll help you design an experience that shifts perspectives and connects attendees. They'll leave having opened their heart and mind, impacted by your mission and messaging. 

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