Feminine Weapon is the shared identity of a woman who desires to receive for the sake of sharing – like a goddess; a warrior; she’s a complete feminine-being.

What nearly began as a movement in New York City during the summer of 2012 has inspired women to unite through spirituality, music, passion and art. Men are moved too. They show up with the intention of making women happy.

Currently, this day – January 30th – is Feminine Weapon’s peak expression. Although our existence was confirmed in Holy Matrimony, our future, like yours, is ever-evolving.

I met many of my best friends through Feminine Weapon Day!
— Carrie Manolakos, Singer/Songwriter

What We've Achieved

  • Feminine Weapon Day 2017 raised $17,000 for children of abuse, extreme poverty, and trafficking. 
  • With the funds we paid for 65 children to receive a year of education.
  • We sent Gina Pazcoguin, a NYC ballerina, to visit a Nicaragua orphanage. She taught the children their first dance class. Gina arrived with tights and ballerina shoes to share. 
  • We built a make-shift music recording studio at an orphanage in Haiti in collaboration with music producer, Tony Black, and singer/songwriter, Margot Bingham.
  • We sponsored singer/songwriter, Eleanor Dubinsky, to teach songwriting to adolescent mothers in Costa Rica!